Thursday, January 30, 2014

MTB Trail Review: Hahn Buena Vista/Clara Burgess

Getting ready to drop in.
This is one of my favorite trails anywhere, not just Southern California.

This 17.5 mile loop takes you high into the desert mountains just south of Palm Springs starting with a stiff 4-mile climb up Dunn Road.

All that climbing will be rewarded though when you get to the top of Hahn Trail. This is one of the best trails in SoCal with 2.7 miles of twisty, rocky singletrack dropping over 1100' through some of the best desert scenery you'll find anywhere.

After a quick connector back to Dunn Road, you join up with Wild Horse which connects with the Clara Burgess Trail and another stiff climb to the top of Murray Hill and about the best view of the Palm Springs area.
Hahn Trail is super sweet.

From the top of Murray Hill you're in for some real fun. If you creep up to the edge, you'll see an improbable looking trail that seems to drop straight off the side of a cliff. Yep, that's where you're going.

I should mention that if you are not comfortable with heights, exposure, tight switchbacks and the possibility of death if you should go over the edge, go back down the way you came because the next 1.3 miles drop 1100+ feet at an average grade of 17%. Yeah, it's steep, loose and technical and if you're up for it, it's a blast.

When you get to the bottom, there is a trail sign. From here just keep going right until you can see the neighborhood where you started the ride. Take any of the trails back to the road (beware: some may get real steep). 

Directions: In Cathedral City - Park right at the theaters then follow Cathedral Canyon road south, keep making right turns following the fence until you see the entrance to Dunn Road. Enter and get ready to work. The first mile is pretty tough.

Map & Stats: Dunn Road/ Hahn Buena Vista

Murray Hill. Remember to look at where you want to go, not where you don't want to go.

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  1. I gotta ride Hahn one of these days. Thanks for the review. DP.